Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our Wealth-management process

Wealth Management is a term that seems to be translated into many different meanings. At Morgan Newfield we view the wealth management process as a customized solution that integrates all aspects of your financial requirements into a single manageable structure. By integrating the principal components of your financial profile, our concordant management efficiencies and complimentary correlations, proven investment benefits are unequivocally achievable.

The whole wealth management process begins by developing a deep understanding of your circumstances, your present requirements and future needs. Only by gaining a true understanding of these personal attributes are we able to develop and employ the most appropriate opportunities to maximize your wealth capabilities.

Understanding your investment needs

Helping you to understand your needs is the first step in a continuous wealth management process:

Understanding risk

Risk plays a huge part in all investment related activates. Balancing investment returns with the level of risk assumed is critical to the underlying success of your long-term wealth.

Asset classes & allocation

Using a range of assets classes to construct your portfolio is essential to the mitigation of risk. Discover how a customized allocation strategy will help you to realize your investment goals.

Portfolio design

Allocating assets in consideration of your personal investment preferences and targeted towards meeting your current requirements and future needs.

Implementing your strategy

At Morgan Newfield we encourage our clients to develop an understating of how the financial markets operate. We provide a continuous commentary that helps to educate clients on the various strategies that are used to develop a wealth structure.

Creating an optimized asset allocation strategy is followed by a diligent research effort that seeks to identify a number of assets classes that will serve to compliment your strategy. The execution phase will depend on the complexity of your wealth structure. A team of specialists will be deployed to manage each aspect of your wealth strategy and to collectively ensure that the structure is optimized to perform in line with your expectations.

Investment vehicles

The type of investment vehicle and correlation towards each other is vital to achieving a portfolio that is globally diversified. Knowledge of the individual vehicles will help you to understand the rational behind portfolio structure.