Wealth Advisory

Our wealth advisory services are provided for investors who prefer to take a more active approach into the management of their own investments. Our research and advisory approach is focused on risk-adjusted sustainable performance that aligns your investment needs along side your expectations. We use these parameters that are personal to you as a starting point to delivering the most appropriate advice for you.

Our three level strategy

To accommodate a range of client needs, we offer three levels of wealth advisory services.

Advisory mandate

Ideal for investors seeking investment advice based on our contemporary research. With the dedicated help of an Morgan Newfield wealth advisor, client portfolios are developed and managed through a system-based approach that is geared towards meeting individual objectives.

Premium advisory

Developed for those who require a deeper insight into proactive investment management. We offer clients attractive investment proposals as market movements present opportunities that align with client specific investment profiles. A frequent review and assessment of asset performance is combined with comprehensive reporting completes our premium advisory offering.

One-to-one advisory

Providing direct dialogue to our team of experts and access to the very latest financial market information. Together, both client and advisor work to develop a tailored solution that seeks to hedge market risk and to ultimately ensure that the strategy remains on track as it develops through a series of market cycles.

Our advisory processes

Understanding your needs

Analyze your financial situation. Understand your objectives. Determine a future vision.

Establishing your objectives

Identify an appropriate philosophy. Develop a choice of strategy. Demonstrate asset structuring.

Pursuing your objectives

Implement your strategy. Monitor assets performance. Provide risk management analysis.

Reviewing your objectives

Review asset performance. Provide recommendation. Maintain balance to align with objectives.