Legacy & Estate planning

Legacy & Estate planning

Preparing your estate through effective management, preservation and distribution strategies ensures that the transfer of your legacy takes full advantage of arrangements made on behalf of your wishes during and beyond your life.


Morgan Newfield will help you to ensure that:

  • Your distribution wishes are followed with consideration to the affects of tax
  • Your estate is protected to catered for the future needs of your family
  • During your life your estate will benefit from wealth generation and preservation arrangements

The organization of your estate is a critical to creating a piece of mind in the knowledge that your financial affairs, succession wishes and tax liabilities are efficiently coordinated in line with your wishes.

Estate Planning Services

Morgan Newfield focuses on 5 key aspects of the estate planning process intended to provide services that meet the dynamic needs of our clientele.

Estate advisory

Your estate plan is dictated by the unique set circumstances that shape your financial affairs. Our advisory services will help you to determine the effects that each component of your financial life will have upon the beneficiaries of your wealth.

Drafting and execution

Acting as an intermediary we work with your current financial advisors to facilitate with the drafting of Wills and implementation of trust structures.

Trust duties

Our team of certified lawyers is will perform the distribution and administration functions in line with your wishes.

Executor duties

Administrating the plan for succession at the time of death.

Custody transfer

Physical assets such as art, jewelry and property will be stored, maintained or transferred in accordance of estate wishes.

Morgan Newfield’s comprehensive estate planning solutions provide customized focuses on the needs of high net worth individuals and their families.