Investment Solutions

Investment Solutions

The retail investor has more access to a global range of investment vehicles than ever before. In days gone by, cross-border trading was typically reserved for larger institutions and investment houses, restricting private investors to opportunities in their jurisdiction of residence. With access to technologies and changes in regulation, private investors have the ability to trade overseas from the comfort of their homes or places of work.

Of course access to range of investment products represents only a small part of a strategic model for success; the difficulties arise from decision-making complexities that transpire as a result of increased volatility, confusing compensation structures, currency fluctuations and often cryptic regulations that differ from one domain to the other.

Leverage on our global expertise

The large majority of sophisticated investors know that their financial affairs are much safer under the management of a reputable investment firm that provides a customized solution to all manners of their wealth needs. At Morgan Newfield we offer a comprehensive range of services that provide realistic wealth solutions to counteract the obstacles frequently presented to our valued clientele.

Traditional investment products

Investment objectives are totally unique to each individual. On one hand an investor may seek capital growth as the primary reason to commit resources, and on the other an investor who prefers to preserve his or her value of wealth. Of course the science of investment management is not so black and white, as we consider that an integrated approach to risk-adjusted investment management will invariably contemplate the use of both capital growth and asset preservation strategies as we seek to develop an optimized portfolio specific to individual needs.

Global equity

Acquiring and holding shares of public companies listed on global stock markets. Both dividend and growth strategies are used as the investor seeks to capitalize on the fluctuating nature of stock valuations.

Private equity

Equity placements of companies that are not listed of public stock indices, that are typically is the growth stage of the business cycle. Investors exchange cash for equity and seek to capitalize on explosive growth as the business develops and succeeds.

Mutual funds

Professionally managed funds comprised of capital from a pool of investors seeking similar performance results. A mutual fund, which is centrally managed, will be exposed to a diversified mix of equities from a number of non-correlating industries.

Insurance policies

As a contingency plan to protect against unforeseen events, insurance policies act as an investment vehicle to ensure that your family is protected against an uncertain future.

Alternative investment products

Alternative investments are classed as those that do not include the more traditional investment classes such as equities and bonds. The alternative investment landscape typically exposes the investor to the possibility of achieving a much higher rate of return than that of traditional investment classes. Of course one should be aware that the laws of risk maintain that higher returns are subject to a higher level of risk assumed.

Comprehensive wealth management

The comprehensive wealth management services at Morgan Newfield are presented to our clients as a customized offering that is targeted towards meeting the financial requirements of each client under our management. Our wealth management solutions extend above and beyond the realms of traditional investment applications as we seek to resolve complications often faced with the responsibility that comes through the possession of wealth.