Investment Process

Investment Process

We are dedicated to improving the lives of our clients. Every decision we make is designed to add value to the performance of each portfolio under management. At Morgan Newfield we are committed to exceeding the expectations our clients bestow upon us.

Our investment process is designed to introduce a feeling of confidence into what can initially seem like a step into the unknown. We understand that clients are sometimes reluctant to entrust their wealth with a professional entity and that relationships are built on trust and performance.

It is for these reason that we begin our process on the front of the relationship by developing a deep understanding of each client’s future needs and present circumstances; cash flow requirements, maturity horizon, tolerance towards risk, tax status and implications and current holdings such as property, investments and businesses. Combining circumstantial information with personal aspirations enables us to deliver an asset allocation strategy directed towards providing for current financial needs whilst ensuring adequate security for the future.

Developing a customized strategy

Identify and prioritize objectives

The closer we get to understanding objectives from our client’s perspective, the better we are positioned to advise them. We spend time discussing personal and family circumstances as together we look to optimize the efficiency of current assets holdings and plan for the future integration of accumulated resources.

Asset allocation

Based on our understanding of what each client expects to achieve we develop a flexible asset allocation strategy constructed under the disciplines of financial art and investment science. The science of Modern Portfolio Theory adheres to a diversification policy that prioritizes a custom portfolio design that targets specific objectives under observation of risk return parameters.

Implementing a customized strategy

Creating value at the implementation stage

One of the major benefits of employing professionals to manage ones financial affairs is their ability to optimize the value wealth. Our capabilities ensure that transaction costs are minimal as we seek to integrate several financial management components into one cost efficient wealth structure.

Measure, review, re-balance

Through a comprehensive quarterly review we assess the performance of assets within a portfolio, evaluate changes in client circumstances and where necessary make asset allocation adjustments to align performance with objectives.